About Our Company

Sinergi Dwireka Teknik(SDT) is an authorized “Aurora Motor“, a premium NEMA efficiency and high quality of USA brand electric motor, for indonesia market.
SDT has also other good quality “electrical products” (Bsumwell, Degson, Acsoon) and “mechanical product” from our partner Bliss and Metzin.


Our Company was founded by experienced and professional who understand more customer requirements.

Fast Respond

We understand customer demand and priority therefore we always give prompt feedback.

Lower Ownership Cost

Our product not only good in quality but also will save customer total cost of ownership.
Our About


The diversity of our products adds to our choices for customers and confidence in our company


Preferably for our company to have mutual respect, that is the real key to success


Honesty is a core value for our company, no lies occur, we provide transparent and straightforward services


We will definitely serve you wholeheartedly, because customer satisfaction is our pleasure

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