Company Overview

CV Sinergi Dwireka Teknik (SDT) has been established in March, 2019 with the goal to be a reliable supplier both for aircraft and industrial services industry (power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining,factories etc).

“SDT always seek manufacture as a business partner to deliver product in good quality with affordable price for our customers. SDT also is established to make positive contribution for Indonesia growth and national people welfare”

Business License

This company has been operating base on Indonesia goverment’s business license as follows:

A.Deed of Incorporation (Akta Pendirian)

  • No: 001
  • Date: 1st March, 2019
  • Notaris: Maya Sari Dewi

B.Goverment Legality(PengesahanAkta Pendirian)

  • No: AHU-0016803-AH.01.14 Tahun 2019
  • Date: 13th March, 2019
  • By: Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kementrian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia)

C.Letter of Business Domicile (Surat Keterangan Domisili Usaha)

  • No: 503/50-Ekbang/2019
  • Date: 6th March, 2019
  • By:Pemkot Tangerang Kec. Tangerang Kel. Babakan

D.Business licence letter (Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan)

  • NIB: 9120407321535
  • Date: 13th March, 2019
  • By: Lembaga Penyelenggara dan Pengelola OSSE.TAX registration
  • NPWP:90.788.115.5-416.000
  • Regno: S-6040KT/WPJ.08/KP.0903/2019•Date: 12 th March,2019
  • By: Dirjen Pajak –KPP Pratama Tangerang Timur

The company specialize in trading company as core business and related services as additional.

Our rich experienced both on aircraft and industrial services accompanied by good link/network with much big companies in Indonesia made us been trusted by leading manufactures of electrical, mechanical, chemical products. Our top product is electrical motor with USA brand “Aurora Motors” which has passed UL certification and also compliance with NEMA and IEC international standard. SDT is an authorized distributor in Indonesia. Other products in electrical, mechanical and chemical are selected products with have international certification and standard but always put the price in very affordable cost for our customers.


We are as mall company tobe are liable and preferable source of alternative electrical and mehanical products from main brand of existing products for industry, in terms of good quality, affordable price and hospitality services in Indonesia.


We aim to deliver positive contribution to state owned and private company that will make growth of economic and people welfare. We help surrounding community to get better life by actively involve on social culture development.


Our core values are PRO-fessional, h-O-nesty and F-riendly (PROOF) which significantly always put customer focus and satisfaction on every our support and service.